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Ankle Brachial Index: (ABI) This is a Non-Invasive test that can diagnose Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD). The ABI consists of cuffs placed on your arms and legs. It measures the Blood pressures in your arms and legs, all at the SAME time. The ABI can reveal blocked blood flow in the arteries in your legs. This test is used when you are having pains in your legs, especially when you walk.



Is a Non-Invasive Procedure that uses Ultrasound to produce moving, real time images of your heart. It gives the Physician information about the structure and function of the heart.

Stress Echocardiogram Ultrasound: (Stress Echo) Is a Non-Invasive Ultrasound procedure that determines how well your heart and blood vessels are working. During a Stress Echo you’ll be exercising on a treadmill while the Technologist monitors your blood pressure and the Physician monitors your heart rhythm via EKG. Contrary to popular opinion, there is NO running required. You will only need to WALK. So bring comfortable walking shoes.
PLEASE do not jump or step off the treadmill during the test. When your heart rate reaches peak levels, the technologist will take ultrasound images of your heart ( before and after exercise) to determine whether your heart muscles are getting enough blood and oxygen.
This is the test used to evaluate CHEST PAIN and to look for a heart attack.

Dobutamine Stress Echo: This is the same as the above stress test but without walking. It is done laying down and uses a chemical to raise your heart rate. On this test, you will have an IV (intravevous line placed in your arm). This test is used to evaluate your heart and valve function when you are unable to exercise on a treadmill. During all types of Stress Testing a Physician and a Technologist will always be with you to closely monitor your health status.


Is a Non-Invasive procedure that produces moving, real time imaging of the carotid arteries, a movie if you like. The carotids are the main arteries that supply blood to your brain. This test gives your doctor information about how the blood is flowing through the arteries into your brain. Looking for arterial blockages,such as plaque in the arteries. Helps to assess how well your cholesterol medicine is working or if you need that changed.


Is a Non-Invasive test that is performed to evaluate abdominal structures especially the aorta. It may be used to check a number of conditions, its often the screening method of choice for detecting an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm, which is a weakened bulging spot in your Abdominal Aorta, this is the main artery that runs through the middle of your abdomen and supplies blood to the Lower half of your body. smoking increases your risk of an aneurysm of the aorta.


A technician will attach soft, sticky patches called electrodes to the skin of your chest, arms and legs. An EKG records the Rhythm and electrical activity of your heart to find out if it’s healthy or not.



24 Hour HOLTER monitor: This is a 24 hour EKG It is a Non-Invasive procedure that consists of a small monitor about the size of a deck of playing cards. Seven leads or wires, are attached to the monitor. The leads (wires) connect to electrodes that are placed on the skin of your chest . The electrodes conduct your hearts activity through the leads (wires) and into the heart monitor. You’ll receive instructions that explain how to take care of the monitor while wearing it. Its very important to avoid bathing, showers and swimming while you’re wearing the monitor.
You return the monitor to the office the next day after it was placed.


Lower Extremity Venous Doppler Ultrasound: Is a Non-Invasive Ultrasound of the Deep Vein System . Images can help evaluate blockages in blood flow, such as “clots” in the veins. This test is used if your doctors suspects a ” blood clot” in your legs.

Lower extremity Arterial Ultrasound: Is a Non-Invasive Arterial Ultrasound that measures the amount of blood flowing through the arteries in a specific location of the leg. It evaluates arterial blockages, such as plaque in the Arteries.


Bio-Z: Is a Non-Invasive procedure where electrodes are placed on each side of your neck and chest area, much like an EKG. It is a simple way to access information about your heart’s ability to deliver blood to your body as well as how hard your heart is pumping and how much fluid is in the chest .

Your doctor may order this test to assess the effectiveness of medications prescribed for High Blood pressure. This test also helps identify underlying cardiovascular issues.


Pulmonary Function Test : PFT: Is a Non-Invasive breathing test that shows how well the Lungs are functioning. The information gathered during the test is useful in diagnosing certain types of lung disorders like asthma or COPD (emphysema)


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